Meet Our Amazing Team

From creative minds to technical experts, we value our diverse talents that come together to assist organizations in achieving their missions through our industry-leading software solutions.

Dr. Michael Carr
Dr. Michael Carr Founder & CEO
Kiersten Wilkes
Kiersten Wilkes Director of Sales
Danni Nader
Danni Nader Director of Human Resources
Eric Burger
Eric Burger Director of Marketing
Phil Hinton
Phil Hinton Director of IT
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy Implementation & Training Manager
Jennifer Udan
Jennifer Udan Technical Support Specialist
Amanda Galvin
Amanda Galvin Office Manager
Cailyn McCarthy
Cailyn McCarthy Client Success Manager
Michael Caito-Khurshid
Michael Caito-Khurshid Product Owner
Landon Davis
Landon Davis Senior Software Developer
Noah Orr
Noah Orr Software Developer
Ayman Aladhami
Ayman Aladhami Junior Software Developer
Vince Berry
Vince Berry Sales Executive II
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Sales Executive II
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray Sales Executive II
Sonia De Carvalho
Sonia De Carvalho Sales Executive I
Shannon Hill
Shannon Hill Sales Executive I
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