Volunteer Management Software for Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

Streamline the outreach efforts at your church or faith-based organization with VolunteerHub's volunteer management software. Our platform simplifies the process of organizing ministry events, automating registration, scheduling, and tracking for youth mission trips, food drives, clothing drives, and beyond. Trusted by churches and religious organizations nationwide, VolunteerHub empowers you to enhance volunteer recruitment, engagement, and overall management with ease. 

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Implementing VolunteerHub has helped our organization increase our volunteer hours by almost 10,000 per year.
Ashlie Klopper Director of Engagement,
St. Matthew’s House
Volunteer Management Software for Churches

Churches and faith-based organizations trust VolunteerHub to help them recruit, engage, and manage volunteers. 

The leading volunteer management software for churches and faith-based organizations.

Elevate the impact at your faith-based organization by recruiting, engaging, and managing volunteers with VolunteerHub's advanced church volunteer management software. Effortlessly coordinate and plan ministry volunteer events, including youth mission trips, food drives, clothing drives, and various community outreach programs, with our feature-rich platform. Today, religious organizations worldwide are choosing VolunteerHub to streamline the management of volunteers for their advocacy and outreach initiatives, making the process more efficient and time-effective.

Essential Features for Your Volunteer Program

Our platform's key features, including Volunteer Management, Opportunity Management, and Volunteer Communication, are designed to make your processes more efficient, your opportunities more organized, and your communication with volunteers more effective. This way, you can put your energy into what truly matters: advancing your mission.

Religious Organization handing out food.

Create Branded Landing Pages, Optimized for Any Device

Our intuitive volunteer management software allows you to set up dedicated landing pages that tailor the specific branding and experience to each of your opportunities, groups, partners, and initiatives.

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With VolunteerHub your organization can customize opportunity landing pages to engage volunteers.
VolunteerHub streamlines volunteer management by simplifying the process of registration and scheduling.

Simplify Registration and Scheduling

Ready to say goodbye to spreadsheets and handwritten calendars? VolunteerHub makes volunteer scheduling a breeze. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your mission by allowing volunteers to self-register and self-schedule.

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Streamline Check-In

Our software is highly configurable and can be used to check in volunteers, or allow self-check-in, to events several different ways including by Kiosk, QR code, numerical code, Onsite, automatically upon registration, or through self-reporting. 

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Allow volunteers to self-check-in to volunteer events on their mobile device.
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