Boost Volunteer Engagement and Retention with VolunteerHub

Boost volunteer engagement with VolunteerHub by streamlining recruitment and management.

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Our volunteers love VolunteerHub. I receive calls and in-person feedback all the time about how easy the system is to use.
Molly MacDonald Lead Volunteer Coordinator
Mercy Chefs
Boost Volunteer Engagement and Retention

Boost volunteer engagement and encourage repeat volunteerism with VolunteerHub.

Trusted by thousands of organizations, including: 

Habitat for Humanity
Feeding America
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Alzheimer's Association
Students Association of MacEwan University
Dublin Irish Festival

To retain volunteers, your organization has to engage them. VolunteerHub boosts engagement through its volunteer-friendly platform and industry-leading features. By providing volunteers with easy, online, registration, sign-up, and communication experience, VolunteerHub streamlines the process for volunteers, making it convenient for them to get involved.

With VolunteerHub, your volunteers can select and self-sign-up for opportunities that align with their interests, availability, and skill-set, boosting engagement and retention through a personalized experience. Additionally, VolunteerHub's automated reminders and notifications keep volunteers informed and engaged, reducing no-shows and enhancing the overall experience for your volunteer constituents. By using VolunteerHub to recruit, engage, and manage volunteers, your organization can cultivate a more engaged, informed, and dedicated volunteer workforce.

Branded Landing Pages 

Boost volunteer engagement with VolunteerHub by showcasing volunteer opportunities on intuitive, user-friendly  landing pages that align with your organization's brand and/or the brand of your community partners.

Opportunity Landing Pages

With VolunteerHub your organization can customize opportunity landing pages to engage volunteers.
Registration Confirmation Screen

Volunteer Self-Registration and Sign-Up 

Simplifying the scheduling process for volunteers will boost  engagement. With VolunteerHub, volunteers can self-register and self-sign-up for the opportunities that interest them, on any device with an internet connection. This streamlined experience ensures a more efficient and flexible experience for both volunteers and your volunteer coordinator. 

Volunteer Registration

Communication is Key

Ensuring your volunteers remain well-informed and alerted regarding any updates stands as a prime method to boost engagement. Leveraging VolunteerHub, you gain the capability to craft both automated and ad hoc email and text communications, providing seamless and effective channels for both updating volunteers and thanking them.

Automated Emails

Automated Texts

Thank you email Text message event reminder
Boost volunteer engagement with VolunteerHub’s gamification features.

Rewards and Recognition 

VolunteerHub provides Reward and Recognition features to keep your volunteers engaged and motivated. Assign points to each of your volunteer opportunities that can be collected when hours are granted, then allow your volunteers to exchange those points for the rewards you designate. 

Reward Volunteers

Group Organization

With VolunteerHub, you can boost volunteer engagement by categorizing your volunteers into groups based on things like their availability, interests, and skills. You can also group volunteers by the organization they represent or where they are in the onboarding process. By categorizing volunteers, you can create more personalized communications and find the right volunteer for the right role.

Volunteer Group Organization

group organization

Essential Features for Your Volunteer Program

Our platform's key features, including Volunteer Management, Opportunity Management, and Volunteer Communication, are designed to make your processes more efficient, your opportunities more organized, and your communication with volunteers more effective. This way, you can put your energy into what truly matters: advancing your mission.

Volunteers enjoying their time helping pack food boxes.
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