We Wrote The Book on Volunteer Management


Is your organization getting the most from its volunteers?

Volunteers are an essential part of many nonprofits' day-to-day operations. Yet, a large number of organizations continue to struggle with engaging, managing, and retaining volunteers.

We've written The Book on Volunteer Management to bring together the most successful methods for managing volunteer programs. Our 20 years of expertise will help you organize, engage, and motivate your most important asset: volunteers.

This book will help you:

Understand the history, evolution, and future of volunteerism

Save time by developing more efficient management strategies

Engage volunteers by understanding their motivations

Attract new volunteers with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds

Capitalize on the latest volunteerism trends and best practices

Communicate with volunteers across multiple channels

Convert volunteers into donors and vice-versa

Define and apply metrics for measuring the performance of your volunteer program

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