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Gauge strategic and actionable insights, connect the dots between volunteer and donor data, and engage more of your organization's supporters by directly integrating VolunteerHub with Salesforce. 

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The integration between VolunteerHub and Salesforce has a direct impact on our bottom line. We can VolunteerHub in conjunction with Salesforce to better understand our volunteer and donor behavior and look for opportunities to cross-pollinate
Andrea Scallon Director of Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning

Better full-picture insights

VolunteerHub's integration with Salesforce allows you to synchronize your VolunteerHub user data, such as contact information, event registration, and volunteer hours, automatically with Salesforce. This integration provides full-picture insights into your constituents, empowering your organization to make informed decisions and optimize processes for impact.

Integration Advantages

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Automate data collection

Integrating VolunteerHub with Salesforce can help your organization streamline volunteer management processes and enhance donor and constituent relationships. By seamlessly connecting these two industry-leading platforms, your organization can efficiently synchronize volunteer data with Salesforce's CRM system, enabling better tracking of volunteer activities, engagement levels, and financial contributions.

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There are so many features of VolunteerHub that stand out. A few of the most valuable features for us have been waivers, landing pages, group functionality, automated communications, and integration with Salesforce.
Liz Salter Director of Community and Donor Engagement

Convert volunteers to donors

According to a Global Trends in Giving Report, 85% of volunteers donate to the nonprofits they volunteer for. VolunteerHub's integration with Salesforce can help your organization create a more centralized database for data management, provide a holistic view of constituents, identify new potential donors, streamline communication, and enhance reporting and analysis. 

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VolunteerHub’s integration with Salesforce is the icing on the cake for Habitat NOVA and is helping them bridging the gap between volunteers and donors.

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Miriam’s Kitchen is using VolunteerHub to recruit volunteers, engage corporate partners, and positively impact its bottom line while increasing impact through the software’s integration with Salesforce.

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