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So many mission-driven possibilities

Streamline your organization's processes by connecting VolunteerHub with other industry-leading applications via Zapier. Zapier allows for creating ‘if this then that’ automation (called Zaps)—if this happens in application A, then make that happen in application B. With VolunteerHub's Zapier integration, you can connect the dots between VolunteerHub and the other applications in your workflow. 

How Zapier Works

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I love VolunteerHub’s Zapier integration. We are using the  integration to connect VolunteerHub with software that  we use to record videos. The integration allows us to send welcome videos automatically to volunteers as part of the onboarding process.
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VolunteerHub Zapier Triggers VolunteerHub Zapier Actions

Create triggers and actions with ease

With Zapier, integrating VolunteerHub into your workflow is seamless and efficient.  Easily create triggers and actions that connect VolunteerHub with other software you use to streamline your processes. Whether it's automatically sending emails to new volunteers, updating your donor database with new volunteer information, or syncing data across various other platforms, VolunteerHub's Zapier integration can help you further automate volunteer management. 

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According to a recent report, automation can help save employees up to 2 work hours a day (240 hours per year). By seamlessly integrating VolunteerHub with Zapier your volunteer manager stands to gain substantial time resources. These time-savings can be strategically allocated towards fostering meaningful one-on-one relationships with volunteers and dedicating efforts to activities that actively contribute to advancing your organization's mission.

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