5 Features to Look for in Volunteer Scheduling Software

Eric Burger November 12, 2020
volunteer scheduling software - what to look for

Choosing the right volunteer scheduling software for your organization comes down to identifying a solution that provides the features necessary to elevate your volunteer program and process.

Investing in the right volunteer scheduling software can dramatically enhance your volunteer program and process. With so many volunteer management solutions on the market, it is key to identify software that saves your staff time, enhances efficiency, and provides a return on investment. When vetting software, only consider your volunteer program and the features that can help reach its mission and goals. Below are 5 features that you may want to look out for when demoing scheduling software.

Tools to Engage Corporate Partners

Finding a volunteer scheduling solution that includes features to engage corporate partners is important to many organizations. Does your program utilize the support of corporate partners to fill volunteer opportunities? If so, deploying a solution that creates a personalized experience for partners is critical. One of the best ways to engage corporate partners and corporate volunteers is through group landing pages, specific to each partner. Group landing pages can help your organization segment volunteers within your volunteer database to create personalized communications.

For Engaging Corporate Partners, Consider VolunteerHub

If you want to engage, retain, and recruit corporate volunteers, VolunteerHub provides the features your program needs. With VolunteerHub, you can create personalized branded landing pages for partners and promote volunteer opportunities tailored to their organization. Creating a personalized experience and effective communication has been shown to increase engagement.

Waiver Creation & Tracking Functionality

Creating waivers is a great way to protect both your organization and volunteers. If your organization recruits volunteers for opportunities requiring waivers, waiver creation and tracking functionality need to be a component of your volunteer scheduling software. Requiring waivers, for specific opportunities, can help ensure that volunteers meet the criteria to move forward in the registration process.

Many organizations, just like yours, are also finding that waiver creation & tracking has become increasingly valuable amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are using waiver tracking to ask volunteers if they are displaying any of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 before allowing them to register. Again, protecting volunteers and your volunteer program.

The best solution for waiver creation and tracking is VolunteerHub

VolunteerHub makes managing multiple job or date-specific liability forms a breeze. The advanced liability waiver feature in VolunteerHub can serve many purposes depending on your organization’s volunteer program and roles your organization wants to fill.

Volunteer Scheduling Software with Communication Features

Effectively communicating with volunteers is the key to a successful volunteer program. How is your organization reminding volunteers of upcoming opportunities and thanking them for their contribution? If you do not have a communication process in place or if you are relying on a one-off communication strategy your organization should consider communication features when vetting volunteer scheduling software.

VolunteerHub stands out in communication functionality

VolunteerHub provides access to many communication features including automated thank-you messages, personalization capabilities, and cross-platform notifications. Your organization can easily use VolunteerHub to send volunteer constituents reminders and notifications via email, text, and social media posts. VolunteerHub’s communication features are an extension of the software’s volunteer database and allow organizations, just like yours, to effortlessly segment volunteers and create communication campaigns.

Integration with Donor Management Systems

Studies show that volunteers make great financial donors. In fact, according to a report by Fidelity Charitable, 79% of donors also volunteer. Converting volunteers to donors could present a substantial opportunity for your organization and positively impact the bottom-line. Integrating volunteer scheduling software with a donor management system can provide a holistic view of constituents and uncover opportunities to cross-pollinate.

VolunteerHub Integrates with Industry-Leading Donor Management Systems

VolunteerHub software integrates with leading donor management systems including Blackbaud CRM solutions and Salesforce. True CRM Integration helps to bridge the gap between volunteers and donors and can enhance your volunteer program and fundraising initiatives.

Program Reporting

Identifying and implementing a volunteer scheduling solution that provides program reporting is important. Reports can provide your organization with trends, performance, preferences, and return on investment data. Creating reports should be an easy process and give you instant visibility into your volunteer program.

VolunteerHub Offers a Variety of Standard Reports 

VolunteerHub makes running reports and analyzing volunteer program data easy. The software comes preloaded with standard reporting options that can be used to measure success and identify opportunities.


Ready to Take Your Volunteer Program to the Next Level?

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